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The road to success

Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the target group relevant to you in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy you can win new customers so purposefully.

Gain new listeners with the Soundcloud Package

For young artists, the Soundcloud platform offers an attractive way to build a community of fans and draw attention to their music. With over 180 million listeners, the right audience is already available. Yet, time and again, musicians find it difficult to reach this target audience with their own songs in order to make it a driving force for advancing their own career.

Not only the quality of the songs is decisive in determining how many Soundcloud Plays define an artist’s success. The structure of the platform requires targeted Soundcloud marketing. This type of marketing is particularly important in enabling still unknown artists to make use of the strength of the algorithm. The Soundcloud Package offers the possibility of working on this on different levels.

Soundcloud Plays as an indicator

The success and quality of the way an unknown artist’s music on Soundcloud gets noticed very much depends on the number of plays it gets. This number is clearly visible to the users under each track. If a song has already been played hundreds of thousands of times, people don’t doubt its quality and are quicker to play it. Unknown artists don’t yet have the possibility of utilising this bonus of public awareness. Buying Soundcloud Plays offers the opportunity of bridging the difficult start-up phase and attracting real users thanks to new incentives.

On one hand, buying Soundcloud Plays follows the principle of collective intelligence. Users are attracted to tracks that have already been listened to by many people. The number of likes, which is clearly shown, is also crucial for ranking the popularity of a song. In turn, both factors work together on the Soundcloud algorithm. Someone who wants to buy Soundcloud Likes and has also boosted the number of plays will appear in a different light on the platform.

Use the algorithm

Most of the plays on Soundcloud are not based on a relevant search. Instead, users can be drawn to access the music currently suggested on the page. To be able to reach a new target audience yourself in this way, you need to look at the algorithm. If you choose to buy Soundcloud Likes and Soundcloud Plays, you’ll increase the awareness of your own tracks and albums throughout the system. With every additional indication of personal success, the algorithm is more likely to embed the tracks into the random playback or even the playlists. From then on, it becomes possible to win over the listeners based on the quality of your own composition and production alone.

Unfortunately, the situation of young artists who don’t rely on consistent marketing is often the opposite. It’s difficult for them to build a community on the website, due to which most of their songs will remain unheard. As the algorithm doesn’t perceive them, their profile can only be accessed through the search function. However, to do that a listener must at least have noticed the artist’s name beforehand. Here, buying Soundcloud Likes can offer a promising way to make yourself quickly stand out from the mass of productions, to reach an audience of the desired size, whose enthusiasm will then help to boost further distribution of the music.

In addition, targeted Soundcloud marketing also includes a specific description of the songs. Using simple tags, you can specify genre and mood to increase success. Since the algorithm seeks to present tracks to all listeners that match their mood, the tags increase the likelihood of being included in the suggestions. This is an easy opportunity for any artist, although many artists all too often fail to utilise it.

Keeping the songs in circulation

With reposts, Soundcloud offers a particularly important instrument to keep your own songs in circulation. For one thing, it is a further parameter of success, which is displayed right next to the likes. Buying Soundcloud Reposts offers the opportunity to create an additional reason for the website's algorithm to favour your song. At the same time, it encourages new listeners to decide to repost a song.

As a rule, the reposts only make up a fraction of the likes that a track has already been able to elicit from users. They are particularly valuable for ensuring that a song is shared. Just clicking on the “Repost” button already inserts the song into the profile header. A user can then distribute it via their followers’ streams. If the musical content also wins approval, this Soundcloud marketing offers the possibility of setting off a chain reaction in your own favour and reach many new users in a short time. Ideally, a song will continue to have a highly visible online presence for a long time after its release, so that the numbers of likes and Plays can continue to grow.

On the trail of success

Your own presentation on Soundcloud is a direct attempt to surpass the competition presented by the many bands and solo artists. For instance, it’s long been known that famous record labels look out for talents on the platform that would have stayed under the radar without the possibilities offered by digital technology. Now, commercial success with your own music already begins earlier. For some time now, Soundcloud itself has been offering remuneration for the number of plays gained.

As the platform regards itself as an absolute starting point for a career, a further service is available to Pro or Pro Unlimited subscribers. Successful songs are sent to other music services, such as Amazon Music, Apple Music, Google Play and Spotify, in order to reach new target audiences. If you manage to bridge the often-difficult initial phase through targeted Soundcloud marketing, that will pave the way for this new level of popularity.

Holistic Soundcloud marketing

Plays, likes and reposts on Soundcloud can be regarded as important pillars of a consistent marketing strategy. For one thing, they present still unknown artists with an opportunity to receive more encouragement from other listeners and to finally get noticed. However, it isn’t only at this communicative level that successes can be achieved. As soon as the tracks have been given a better ranking by the algorithm, the music will make its way into the random playback. This finally offers an opportunity to address an international audience and to perhaps lay the foundation for your own career in the digital world.